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Behavioural economics in action

Posted by Sonia
Sonia has twenty years experience in healthcare marketing and advertising. She was the General Manager of GREY...
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on Wednesday, 12 September 2012
in spending habits
As a marketer, I love this article. As a shopper, I am not so sure...
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Avoid the 6 Common shopping traps

Posted by Neil
Neil is the principal of DeltaMV Knowledge Solutions. He has a wide range of experience using and innovating r...
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on Wednesday, 11 April 2012
in spending habits
The Emotion and Decision Making Group at Harvard Kennedy School have contributed to an article that empowers shoppers to avoid common 'traps' of marketing that encourage impulsive spending. They include (1) don't make all your purchases in the one store - shop around. We don't feel the pain of cost once we've already spent a large amount, so adding to this figure is easier. (2) Bargains and discou...